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Find my School (

Find My School allows parents to search for their closest school as well as find other nearby government schools. Schools can be found by typing in a residential address or suburb or searching by school name or categories such as primary, secondary, or specialist school.

Placement Policy (

This site provides information on the requirements for entry into Victorian government schools, including admissions, enrolments, the placement of students and transfers between schools. Every Victorian student has a legislated right to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school (section 2.2.13 of the Act), and may be enrolled at another school subject to sufficient accommodation (section 2.2.14 of the Act).

Online Safety Guide (

This guide covers some of the key online safety issues for young people and includes a range of practical tips and advice on what to do if things go wrong. You can also find a list of important services that can offer extra support.

Use Parental Controls on your Child's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (

With Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time, you can block or limit specific apps and features on your child's device. And restrict the settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for explicit content, purchases and downloads, and privacy.


ABC Education Games (

ABC Education brings you thousands of free, curriculum-linked resources for Primary and Secondary students and teachers. Support your children's education with engaging videos, games, competitions and other fun educational resources.

FUSE Numeracy Resources (

Find informative and engaging online educational resources to support the teaching of mathematics from Foundation to Year 10. These resource packages are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

Learning Potential Resources - Primary School (

A website for parents of primary school children that provides ideas, activities, games, and videos to help parents support their children with literacy and numeracy skills. It shows how to turn everyday activities—like cooking, watering the garden, or walking the dog—into fun and interactive learning opportunities. It supports the Australian Curriculum for primary school.

Literacy and Numeracy Tips to Help your Child Every Day (

This booklet provides handy tips and ways you can help your child develop literacy and numeracy skills. It provides fun, inexpensive, accessible and practical activities you can do with your child at home.

Maths in the Early Years (

This factsheet contains tips and activities to bring maths into your child’s day. As their child’s first teacher, families can help play a key role in developing the maths skills of children in early life. Developing maths skills early in life gives children an important foundation for their learning and development.

Made by Maths App (

MAV’s Made By Maths app is a comprehensive guide that explores mathematical beauty of key landmarks, structures and architecture in Melbourne. Key mathematical terms are explained and explored through engaging and supportive graphics.

Maths at our House (

This section provides some ideas for how you can raise awareness and share mathematics using everyday experiences and resources found around your home. It includes ideas for supporting your children’s learning in all areas of mathematics: geometry, measurement, statistics, algebra and number.

Numeracy@HOME (

Here you will find activities, tips, and information to support young children's maths learning during everyday activities. The numeracy@HOME resources focus on 11 ways to maths learning during everyday activities, such as when families are preparing meals, playing games, or walking down the street.

Victorian Maths Challenge (

A fun and engaging way for families to engage in real life mathematics and explore problems together. The challenge encourages families to ask questions of one another, to collaborate and to have fun exploring different approaches to open-ended problems.

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