Canteen Price List


Westgrove Canteen provides a healthy food menu consisting of clearly coded everyday healthy foods and select carefully options. Everyday healthy options typically are low in salt, sugar and fat. We also offer a limited number of halal and vegetarian options.


Students may purchase snack items over the counter at recess and lunch time.


All lunches must be pre-ordered. Lunch orders must be written out with the student's name, teacher's name, grade and lunch order, either on a paper or reusable lunch bag. The correct money must also be placed in the securely sealed bag. Reusable lunch bags are available for purchase through the school office. Lunch orders are sent to the canteen with the class lunch order tub in the morning.


The canteen has a no credit policy.


Our school canteen employs a canteen manager who manages an enthusiastic group of canteen volunteers. Students typically love seeing their parent working in the canteen and it is a great opportunity to get to know the school community and learn more about the school. Canteen always welcomes new volunteers.


All volunteers at Westgrove require a current 'Working With Children Check' New volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering as a canteen helper, please drop your name and phone number in at the school office or call (03) 9749 8233 OR click HERE to access our online volunteer form.


Stickybeak reusable lunch box, available to purchase via the school office.


Caring for your Stickybeak!