School Vision


Westgrove Primary is committed to providing an inclusive, safe and supportive learning environment where students develop knowledge, skills and understandings to enable them to be positive contributors to their community and the world.  The educational program will build on student strengths, equip students with 21st century skills, encourage inquiry and motivate students to be lifelong learners. Each student will be encouraged, guided and supported to reach their individual potential.



Our guiding values are respect, empathy, honesty, perseverance, inclusivity, resilience and collaboration. These values define our behaviours and underpin all decision making. We are committed to ensuring that we treat one another and the environment with respect, are honest in our endeavours and interactions, persevere to achieve our goals, demonstrate empathy for all members of our community and at all times embrace inclusive practices.  We are striving to develop a toolbox of strategies to help us become more resilient and we are collaborative in both our learning, and decision making.

The school–wide positive behaviour pillars of be safe, be respectful, and be a learner are embedded in our practice across the school.


To view our current 2015 - 2018 School Strategic Plan please click the link HERE.