Waste Warriors at Westgrove

During term 3, our year 3 students started a wave of interest in  the environment at school, in particular with regards to keeping our yard free of litter.  They became Waste Warriors and they went out with their buckets and tongs to spruce up our yard.  They spoke to the school at assembly and before we knew it, students for other year levels were grabbing the buckets to join the Waste Warriors.


It  is great to see this enthusiasm continuing into term 4 and it makes us all proud as we walk around the school to see an environment where so many students care.


At Westgrove we recycle paper and have now started composting our vegetable and fruit scraps.   We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of litter in the form of plastic wrappers that we accumulate. 

Parents and carers can help by being mindful of this and considering how they can reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in their children’s snacks and lunches.


If you have any suggestions, please pass them on to Mrs. Morgan