Student Led Conferences

Thank you to all families who attended the Student Led conferences last night. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to illustrate their understanding about their own learning. We are trying to encourage students to ‘have a stake’ in what they learn and how they learn best and from all accounts they really enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning with you. You are always welcome to make an alternate time with teachers if you would like to discuss your child’s progress. I hope you continue the conversation with your child throughout Term 4 about how they are progressing, in what areas they are doing well, with what they are struggling with and how they are working to improve their understanding or skills. It is important that we work with the students as they have the biggest impact on how well they will achieve; if they are motivated and can persevere even when something is difficult. Taking responsibility in conjunction with their teacher is the most positive way for students to experience success. These are life- long skills which need to start here in primary school. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday with your families and we look forward to seeing you in Term 4.